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When I hear Ginger Cookies I think of my husband's favorite overly crisp Ginger Snaps.  So when my daughter mailed me a gift of this cookie, I was eager to give it a chance. Oh what an unexpectedly satisfying experience in taste! We send our prayers of success for this new sweet ginger cookie resource at Aunt Neekie's! Ginger and Spice, LLC

Grandma Dee

I eat your lentil soup in the morning to address my low energy problem. It is such a life-saver! Without this soup in the morning, I have a migraine the rest of the day.


I love your soups! I just enjoyed your Asian Ramen. Now, I cannot wait for you to offer your Beet Boost and Green Iron UPlift soup as a regular menu item!


Ginger Cookies Baked Fresh for You!